Top 11 Sultriest Logo Characters
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1. sun maid buy from 12
sun maid
this lovely lass in her sun bonnet and flowing brown hair makes rasins look even more delicious than they already are
2. mr. peanut buy from 10
mr. peanut
It takes a bold guy to walk around town with a cane and no pants.
3. land o lakes buy from 10
land o lakes
this one has great posture and a winning smile, not to mention a peep show if you know how to operate the package
4. hinano buy from 8
nothing like a beatiful woman in a bikini top and a sarong to temp the taste buds for a good beer!
morton salt
okay, she's a little young, but, when the morton salt girl grows up, she's going to be a little fox jumping around in puddles pouring salt all over the place. she's going to be awesome.
miller high life
again with the beautiful girl to get the mouth watering- nice!
st. pauli girl
she could be the hottest logo character, but this 'girl' really isn't that young. she looks more like a 50-year-old in a halloween costume. her daughter on the other hand...
aunt jemima
mrs. butterworth's cousin, jemima has been through a lot in her tenure as logo. she's been fat, then skinny, and cut her hair. but she's always had a great smile.
cap'n crunch
yeah, this was supposed to be just for women logo characters, but you can't deny it- that cap'n crunch is one sexy mo fo.
dolly madison
this 19th century doll is great--sophisticated and beautirful. refines, and well-kempt. the fact that it says 'mild satisfying' is could be a good thing.
11. mrs. butterworth buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
mrs. butterworth
ok, so, she's not the fittest of the logo characters, but she tastes like friggin syrup. i mean, she's made of syrup, so that's probably why.
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