Top 10 Reasons Why Austin Is Waaaay Better Than Your Town
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it looks like a park
Just look at Austin on Google Maps and you won't be able to see anything besides little tree icons because everything's a park. From Barton Creek Greenbelt to Town Lake to Roy G Guerero to Zilker to Pease. Austin looks like a park
it smells like a bbq
What other town smells like fine BBQ grilling all year round? Best place for the stuff in the world. Sorry St. Louis, sorry Memphis, sorry Carolina. Ain't nobody got game like Austin. By the way, Rudy's is the best.
warm nights
There is little better than breeze on a warm night. Tell California they can keep their sweaters and parkas for their 60-degree summers.
4. the music buy from 7
the music
Walk down 6th street on any given night and randomly select a bar and you'll most likely find world-class music of varying genres (mainly country, rock or blues). Just ask Walon and Willie and the boys.
5. the water buy from 6
the water
Texas has one natural lake. That hasn't stopped Texans and in particular Austinites from creating their own. With three dams in the vicinity creating three lake-like stretches of river and some excellent spring-fed natural pools, Austin has what it takes to cool you off in the summer.
Sure there are a bunch of modern liberals here (what big city doesn't have that?). What's key about Austin is its high libertarian population, keeping true to the individualistic nature of Texas.
there's a pretty big university here
The University of Texas is one of the largest schools in the country and that brings with it many positive externalities including some pretty awesome football.
it's an athelete's paradise
From running on the trail to kayaking on the lake, Austin has it all with regard to sports. Want to play volleyball at midnight on a Friday? Done. Want to stand-up paddle with the city backdrop? Done. Want to play softball, tennis, football, run, bike, hike, breakdance all over the place? Done.
Unlike certain modern cities *ahem*Detroit* Austin has a thriving economy based in Austin originals like Whole Foods and Dell Computer, and supported by a right-to-work state and no income tax. California's loss is Texas's gain (that is until Cali declares bankruptcy and weasles billions out of Texas.
10. it's close to everything (except mountains) buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
it's close to everything (except mountains)
Hills and beach are close enough for a day trip. And Austin is in just the right spot to avoid any major natural disaster except for the occassional wildfire.
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