Top 11 Political Logos
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1. obama buy from 14
simple and hopeful- much like the candidate
2. libertarian buy from 13
their politics can't be beat, but their logo can be- how about some light on lady liberty's face?
3. democratic buy from 11
it's an ass
4. right change buy from 11
right change
5. rand buy from 11
change? my ass!
hilarious. sums up politics today pretty well
7. republican buy from 10
the reps got the better animal, by far. not only can an elephant stomp on a little donkey, it also makes for a better logo
8. trump! buy from 9
You're fired
i'm ready for oligarchy!
ready for hillary
I'd rather scrape my eyes out with a arsnic-laced spork.
11. obamacare buy from 8
the hammer and stethoscope- brilliant!
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