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1. socrates buy from 20
Best there ever was. The method that shares his name is the root of all civil society.
immanuel kant
Immanuel Kant was a German philosopher who is widely considered to be a central figure of modern philosophy. He argued that human concepts and categories structure our view of the world and its laws, and that reason is the source of morality.
major French philosopher, influential especially in the first half of the 20th century. Bergson convinced many thinkers that immediate experience and intuition are more significant than rationalism and science for understanding reality. Developed the idea of the elan vital.
4. aristotle buy from 10
Aquinas named him "the Philosopher". He was also the first scientist as we know the term.
thomas aquinas
Dominican friar and priest and an immensely influential philosopher and theologian in the tradition of scholasticism, within which he is also known as the "Doctor Angelicus", "Doctor Communis", and "Doctor Universalis".[5] "Aquinas" is the demonym of Aquino, his home town.
7. jesus buy from 9
8. david hume buy from 9
10. john locke buy from 6
11. thomas more buy from 6
Wrote Utopia (the first of its kind). Stood his ground against tyrant Henry VIII in battle against the church.
lugwig von mises
More an Economist than a philosopher, but his "Human Action" is every bit a metaphysical treatise as anything Plato wrote.
13. buddha buy from 4
14. confucius buy from 3
15. jsb morse buy from 3
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