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4-hour work week
a few months ago, i made a joke about my job at a web design firm. someone asked how i get so much done and i replied, “i actually outsource everything i’ve done to a buddy in india.” everyone laughed because that was absurd… or was it? tim ferriss doesn’t seem to think so. in fact he thinks it’s absurd to live the kind of lives most americans live nowadays: 80-hour weeks to earn a lot of money to buy a lot of things we don’t need and get drunk on the weekends. ferriss’ life is a bit different- he’s lived the typical thrill-seeker’s existence since his epiphany years ago including kick-boxing, globe-trotting, enjoying mini retirements, racing motorcycles, and working very little to pay for it all.
how to take advantage...
ok, so this book won't make you a millionaire, but it will allow you to make the most of the financial transactions you already are making. i've already done two of the techniques that mores suggests in the book and i'm making money! among 49 other clever things, he tells you how to invest in low-risk money markets with debt from 0%-interest credit cards. i'm making $50 a month on that for free! people really need to try this! it's great. there is risk, but he's clear about it. i also found $141.98 in unclaimed money from here in texas through a link the writer talks about in the book (why didn't i know about this!?). so, the book has already paid for itself like 20 times over. the only reason this book isn't a 5 is because i was kinda misled- it claims "over $100,000 in savi
survivng the second great depression
a look at the history of recessions and how to take advantage of the current one
millionaire next door
inside the investor's brain
we’re in the middle of an ongoing social and economic crisis according to robert d. manning, author of “credit card nation”. and with supporting evidence like his figures of every credit cardholder having 10 cards in their name and every family revolving over $4,000 in debt (the number now is over $7,000), it’s easy to see why he feels like it is a crisis. in this fascinating book, manning describes the situation thoroughly, shows who’s at fault, and what we should expect as a result of the situation.
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