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100-meter dash
determines who the fastest person on earth is
400-meter medley
ridiculous strength and skill
shawn white is the man!
a larger stage than even the world cup?
opening ceremonies
what's better than watching thousand of athletes from around the world come together in one stadium to kick off the greatest two weeks in sports?
wow- fast and furious
the medal ceremony
if you don't feel proud for the kids on the podium and the countries they represent when the national anthem plays, you're missing your pituitary gland or something.
floor routine
little women doing things that are not natural- but wow are they amazing to watch
Sure, it's an interesting physical phenomenon that scrubbing ice makes giant rocks veer in that direction, but does it merit an olympic sport? Really? Curling is basically like a glorifid shuffle board on ice but don't get grannie excited, the summer olympics alrady have enough events.
beach volleyball
The quintessential San Diego sport.
closing ceremonies
not quite the opening ceremonies
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