Top 10 Old Technologies
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calculator watch
really? you need to get the sums and cosine of things so bad, you need a calculator on your wrist?
2. boom box buy from 11
boom box
hours and hours recording songs off the radio on this puppy. perfect for resting on your shoulder to make you certifiably deaf.
3. vhs buy from 10
clunky inefficient machines. 90% still flash 12:00
4. pager buy from 8
never had one
5. car phone buy from 6
so '90s!
who has these any more?
7. discman buy from 5
look- you don't need a tape any more! you can put a cd in and push a button to move tracks!
floppy disc
state of the art in the 80s
9. polaroid buy from 2
actually, we still use this. a great, timeless product
what the hell?
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