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drill 'er then spiller
what would jones-drew?
kristy kreme
She loves her doughnuts
jabba the slut
smell my jim schwartz
the notorious p.i.g.
1.21 jjwatts!
belichick yoself before you wrick yoself
tackle me al-mo
jock shockers
somewhere over dwayne bowe
hide yo kids, hide yo wifi
teenage mutant ninja bortles
It's a pun, but it's a great pun.
e = mc hammer
le’veon a prayer
aethelred the unready
He was evidently not prepared to take the throne.
33. dexter buy from 10
in dog names
debate against the machine
church of bracketology
37. cate buy from 10
in names
sets on fire
Kings of Leon never looked so good.
yasmins friend (wants to be first)
a boy named suh
hernandez's hitmen
57. luna buy from 9
in dog names
This guy got the shaft with his name, unmodified by anything exciting. It sounds more like a porn website than a ruler of the free world.
sweet and attractive
Don't matter is he's all fired.
the lost angeles chargers
the world's best search engine is stuck with an average at best logo. this unfortunate result is probably due to a rush to get the brilliant concept to market. another possibility is that it was designed by a programmer, which usually ends up looking like some of the 2s in our critique list. the name, google, is perfect for the concept, though the word was originally spelled googol. it is the word that represents the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. and the way they incorporated the pages of search results into the 'o's is genius, but the logo still suffers. the font is a basic palatino-esque font called catull, which has nothing altered to make it uniquely google. it's just the font. the simplicity matches the website style, but it doesn't say much for the designer. 3d effect is bad t
76. ava buy from 8
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sweyn forkbeard
I bet he wishes he saw the barber more often. Who wants to be remembered by their poor grooming habits?
83. thor buy from 8
in dog names
he's got a hammer
jimsta graham
thanks to kanye, we all know that beyonce had one of the greatest music videos of all time. but why did she make this list? because she’s hot, she’s talented, and she did have a pretty amazing video. i mean, watching beyonce dance provocatively for 3 and half minutes wearing a skin tight leotard definitely isn’t a waste of my time.
98. layla buy from 7
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harold harefoot
This guy may or may not have been the first Hobbit.
it ertz when eifert
Probably the most indecent-sounding English monarch, but his legacy continues today.
121. gunner buy from 6
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premature ejection
140. piper buy from 5
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deflaters gonna deflate
Shake it off shake it off
154. lily buy from 4
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157. bentley buy from 4
in dog names
sacks in the city
176. nala buy from 3
in dog names
you kaepernick the future
buy another cup cheapskate
If starbucks had personality
trivia newton john
194. jax buy from 2
in dog names
sup knight
203. kiss my ace buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
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204. patino's chinos buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
in ncaa bracket team names
205. stella buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
in dog names
206. bailey buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
in girl baby names
207. bar2 d2 buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
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