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the second-generation, 80gb zune from microsoft offers tremendous value for the money, as well as innovative features such as wireless sync, rbds fm radio information, wi-fi music sharing, and subscription music support (zune pass). we know the zune name was dragged through the mud last year, but t
apple's ipod touch is expensive, but there's no beating it when it comes to design and features. wi-fi applications such as email, web browsing, maps, weather forecasting, and wireless music downloads from apple's itunes store, put the ipod touch on the bleeding edge of portable media players. te
if you're looking for an mp3 player that also makes for a fantastic portable video player, the archos 605 wifi is one of the best values around. with its touch screen interface, gorgeous high-resolution screen, and integrated wireless video and music downloads, the archos 605 wifi is one of the
one of the first flash-memory players to break into the 16gb range, the creative zen v plus packs a monster wallop into an ultracompact space, and the vivid oled display is viewable from any angle. features include an fm radio, voice and line-in recording, photo and video playback, and compatibili
the iriver clix is the perfect slim and sleek mp3 player for those who find the ipod nano too stifling, but the toshiba gigabeat too bulky. this player comes packed with extras such as an fm radio- a voice recorder- an alarm clock- support for subscription content as well as ogg and audible files
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