Top 6 Most Ridiculous Winter Olympic Sports
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1. doubles luge buy from 10
doubles luge
It's not ridiculous enough to put a grown man in spandex onto a sled and fling him down a chute. No, we have to put another grown man in spandex right on top of him in order to double the ridiculousness.
2. curling buy from 9
Sure, it's an interesting physical phenomenon that scrubbing ice makes giant rocks veer in that direction, but does it merit an olympic sport? Really? Curling is basically like a glorifid shuffle board on ice but don't get grannie excited, the summer olympics alrady have enough events.
3. biathalon buy from 8
Imagine all the different sport combinations that make sense together, then imagine cross-country skiing and shooting a gun. Outside of the obscure military training this sport enjoyed, it's pretty ridiculous. It's the equivalent of swimming the 100 meter freestyle with two shotput balls then jumping out of the pool to throw them.
4. bandy buy from 7
Like hockey except more ridiculous (they use a little pink ball instead of a puck).
5. skijoring buy from 6
At first glance, this seems awesome, but there's a reason why this sport was only a demonstration sport in 1928. It's pretty ridiculous.
ice dancing
Any sport that has "twizzles" as an integral aspect is by definition ridiculous.
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