Top 10 Most Hated Companies In America
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long island power authority
The Long Island Power Authority is currently ranked the lowest in the energy utilities sector. The score plunged 11 percent in April alone. Common complaints include rate hikes and overbilling mistakes linked to listing homes as commercial instead of residential. Hurricane Irene also led to widespread outages last August. In January, a bill was passed requiring the utility to "undergo comprehensive and regular management and operations audits" and creating a new way for customers to file complaints.
2. congress buy from 11
The company's reputation was severely damaged after two major storms at the end of 2011 caused massive power outages. A destructive snow storm last October left hundreds of thousands of homeowners and businesses sitting in the dark without heat for up to two weeks. The extensive outages ultimately led to the resignation of the president of Northeast's subsidiary Connecticut Light & Power in November 2011.
Poor customer service and unfair billing practices are common complaints about the fourth-largest cable company in the country. One customer explained, "The sales rep originally promised us a $42.95 a month for services, with an introductory price of $24.95 for the first 3 months (a savings of $18 a month). After the introductory period ended, the company started charging me $56.95, when I finally caught on that they were charging me $14 more per month than what is said on the Work Order (could provide at anytime for proof), he never once mentioned that there will be a $10 more per month, and now the company says if you have no other cable service with us (Charter Communications), you are to be charged $10 more per month!!"
5. comcast buy from 7
united airlines
customer satisfaction index for 2008: 56
long waits, fees for everything, bad technical advice (e.g. buy a new router when you don't need one)
According to ACSI, "higher rates and fees for many Cox customers are sapping customer satisfaction."
american airlines
customer satisfaction index for 2008: 62
10. us airways buy from 2
customer satisfaction index for 2008: 54
Score: 0

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