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american traffic solutions
American Traffic Solutions, nice euphemism for Sadistically Evil Bastards. First, their whole premise of red light traffic cameras is Orwellianly creepy, unconstitutional, and just wrong, but to add insult to injury, they make money on the "convenience" fees that they sneakily tack on to your fine. You put your credit card information in thinking you're paying the fine, then they say, by the way, we're going to take $4 for your convenience. Very convenient. When you cancel the payment and send a check, they say, too bad, we already have your information and there's no way to refund the fee. PURE EVIL.
2. the irs buy from 10
the irs
While, not technically a company, it's an evil organization for the express purpose of taking property from people against their will. Pretty evil.
3. blackwater buy from 8
They simultaneously employ their workers as contractors and salarymen so they can avoid any responsibility for their actions while retaining complete control over what they do. Blackwater's contracts routinely include clauses such as 1) If you defy a direct order for any reason you will be abruptly terminated and Blackwater will withhold all back salary and sue your family into oblivion. 2) If you die or are injured on a mission due to the negligence of Blackwater you can't sue them. If you sue them, they will withhold all your back salary and bring legal action against you and your family. 3) You can be terminated for any reason whatsoever and if you sue they for wrongful dismissal they will withhold all your back salary and bring legal action against you and your family.
4. rio tinto buy from 6
Complicity in or direct violations of environmental, labor and human rights in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Namibia, Madagascar, the United States and Australia, among others.
5. bechtel buy from 6
The fact that the corporation responsible for the Big Dig, the post invasion reconstruction of Iraq, and the Katrina cleanup can still be turning a multi-billion dollar profit every year is a testament to how many Americans don't give a care and don't care to ever.
6. bayer buy from 5
In 1997, Bayer and the other three makers agreed to pay $660 million to settle cases on behalf of more than 6,000 hemophiliacs infected in United States in the early 1980s, paying an estimated $100,000 to each infected hemophiliac.
american federation of teachers
Yay! Let's bully people into keeping our coerced members as teachers whether they deserve it or not and ruin the lives of their students. Yay!
8. enron buy from 3
i was shocked when i learned that one of the great american graphic designers had designed one of the worst logos ever. the designer of such instantly classical logos as the ibm and ups logos, paul rand, also designed an instant stinker, the enron tilted 'e' logo. the logo looks like a kindergartner put it together. it's amazing that it's so basic yet so horrifically awkward. the wire image could have been pushed more in which case it could have been good, but there are inconsistencies with the font and icon as well as uneasy juxtapositions of color. the logo seems like more of a cruel joke for a company led by cruel people than a logo designed by a legend.
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