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Sounds like a duck being brutalized and they're always yelling it.
non-melodic, annyoing monotonic sound
Sounds all right when confucious say but not when some jerk is yelling at you selling pig toes
Violent hideousness
Could you fit more phlegm causing syllables in your words?
like Turkish
sounds like an annoying mixture of French with Arabic
was a blind pure-bred Chinese Crested hairless dog, and three time champion of the annual Sonoma-Marin Fair World's Ugliest Dog Contest in Northern California in 2003–2005. His ugliness gained him international fame and celebrity – his death was a top headline on major news websites.
pit bulls
Nasty buggers.
11. racism buy from 10
in lies
fabric warehouse massacre
Peachoo Krejberg
mu mu
14. no new taxes buy from 9
in lies
Dogs can pull off ugly when they're small and cute. Boxers are ugly and big. They don't make much sense.
awful clicks
awful clicks
hoarde of hideous
bottom's up
chinese crested
There is no good reason for this dog.
Karlie Kloss presents a creation by Belgian designer Ann Demeulemeester
nothing to hide
Annoying and ugly.
28. i'm fine buy from 4
in lies
pleather goddess
big blah
31. the cat did it buy from 3
in lies
33. i don't lie buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
in lies
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