Top 17 Liberty Minded Politicians
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1. ron paul buy from 22
ron paul
not the best spokesperson, but sound ideology
2. rand paul buy from 14
rand paul
paul family's gift to kentucky
if perfect politician wasn't a contradiction in terms, he would be it. california's 4th district
4. joseph morse buy from 14
joseph morse
100% solid. Can't wait until he's a national candidate.
5. peter schiff buy from 12
running for senate in connecticut. the state and country would benefit enormously with him in congress
6. jim demint buy from 11
jim demint
a bit partisan, but has great ideas
7. justin amash buy from 11
Solid in principle and practice.
a brilliant brit. articulate, intelligent, and witty
delaware gop candidate for us senate
10. ted cruz buy from 9
ted cruz
He's turned out to be one of the best Senators liberty-wise (which isn't saying much) along with Rand Paul.
11. nikki haley buy from 8
nikki haley
Moving Up the ranks and about to get national headlines by signing an Obamacare nullification bill into law.
12. susan angle buy from 8
getting ready to take out reid in nevada
13. joe miller buy from 7
Was robbed from Alaska's Senate seat
14. darrell issa buy from 6
Going hard after some gangster government officials including Holder and Obama himself.
continually shows support for sound liberty principles
16. nigel farage buy from 5
another great brit
17. marco rubio buy from 3
marco rubio
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