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cinco de mayo
not mexican independence day people. but enjoy some tacos!
star wars day
May the Fourth Be with you.
great cause (thanks) and a great time of year. football, food, and friends and family. what more could you ask for--or be thankful for??
4. christmas buy from 11
in holidays
lovely holiday right in the middle of winter- good timing for a pickmeup
st. patrick's day
i see green people
fourth of july is a great time of year and it's a great celebration
What a fun time for kids and all those young adults who haven't grown up yet.
Utterly frivolous, but has a great movie named after it
pretty darn frivolous, but sometimes very funny
mardi gras
well, not so much frivolous as gratuitous
Yeah, let's celebrate working by not working.
Actually kid of stupid
15. easter buy from 7
in holidays
christ is risen
great man despite his socialist tendencies
boxing day
cause what the f is boxing day?
Does anyone celebrate this?
do arbors need a day?
it's nice to honor the good presidents (ie washington and jefferson), but don't expect us to be jumping for joy about the modern ones.
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