Top 10 Gift Ideas For 2008
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1. nintendo wii buy from 12
nintendo wii
the nintendo wii has turned the video game market on end, by introducing a new physically interactive experience that everyone can enjoy. this may be a gift for your kid, but you'll quickly find that it's something the whole family will enjoy including mom and dad.
best of breed and fairly inexpensive.
coughing and screaming ashtray
if nothing else works, pick up one of our specially designed ashtrays that looks like a real pair of lungs! place a cigarette on it and it starts coughing and screaming!
challenge your creativity and your taste buds with your own personal hot sauce made from some peppers and ingredients in this kit. test the bounds of hot sauce technology with this red-hot kit!
cuisinart sandwich grill
make a panini in no time and with little effort!
how to take advantage of the people who are trying to take advantage of you
everyone can use a little personal finance help in this economy!
great product and very popular!
10. sea monkeys buy from 2
sea monkeys
who doesn't love sea monkeys?
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