Top 60 Funniest Websites
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1. buy from 42
2. the onion buy from 33
the onion
5. failblog buy from 23
it's the humor, stupid! this is a funny site aimed at those lovable little progressives that always get in the way of reason
9. jib jab buy from 16
animated political cartoons for the masses
Best source for anything funny, amazing, extraordinary, strange, or cool!
13. uncyclopedia buy from 14
hilarious. wikipedia nazis only wish they were as worthwhile
Funniest website ever! interact with the community post your own pics, gifs, and videos!
the funnies from an unintentional technical comedy skit
One of the funniest i found, but the tag "hell" is a bit scary -)
a website dedicated to the ever-so-stylish coif
this site made me almost pee my pants!
19. the oatmeal buy from 11
the oatmeal
20. buy from 11
21. textastrophe buy from 11
Pretty funny text pranks.
Satirical look at current events
23. buy from 10
funny memes, GIFs and NSFW content
24. buy from 10
Great content mixed a cool point system
25. buy from 10
endless pictures with a lot of people
26. buy from 10
hyperbole and a half
really funny cartoons with really bad drawings. hilarious commentary
hilarity. i can't believe people do stuff like this
30. the chive buy from 9
this is a more funny plateform
36. buy from 8
There's a topic for everything
these people really exist
42. cracked buy from 7
You never know where you might end up
46. buy from 6
48. funny or die buy from 6
49. amazonlaughs buy from 6
these can be pretty good
50. dust films buy from 6
check out the literal videos
52. buy from 6
53. omodern buy from 5
70s adverts - genuine fake fur!
54. unfriendable buy from 5
the funniest stuff comes from regular people
57. buy from 4
pretty good- needs higher standards
Sometimes it's a tossup
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