Top 12 Fruits
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1. peach buy from 11
Summertime goodness
3. mango buy from 10
4. blueberry buy from 9
5. orange buy from 8
6. apple buy from 6
the other side of the computer landscape is a company that keeps design at a high priority. the original apple logo was multicolored, sure, but the apple shape is distinct and classic and can be translated easily into two-color presentation. the apple icon is also one of the few logos out there that don't need a logotype to explain what it is. the company distributes its white apple icon window stickers to its customers because it speaks for itself. the logo is successful on all fronts including representation. though it doesn't have a computer connotation, the original concept of apple was computers designed for education and the apple is a perfect embodiment of that.
7. banana buy from 6
8. kiwi buy from 5
9. tomato buy from 4
10. blackberry buy from 3
unique modern font with easily-identifiable icon
11. strawberry buy from 2
12. lemon buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
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