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1. face-to-face buy from 19
Easily the best form of communication. When you can see someone's face and get a sense of what they're feeling, communication is 1000 times more effective. Unless you're talking to someone who makes weird noises from strange places or who's wearing pitchouli, face-to-face is the way to go.
handwritten letter
Talk about an artform! The handwritten letter is a profound, beautiful, and dynamic form of communication. If you want to make a statement, especially in this age of technology, write a letter. And when you do a handwritten letter, make sure you use a quill pen with a fluffy feather for the full effect.
3. morse code buy from 16
Brilliant. Even though the Navy has stopped using it, it will never go away. There will always be a need for a binary communication that you can see, hear, or feel.
4. email buy from 14
Emails allow a lot more personality and don't come with roaming fees. In today's fast-paced world, however, no one really has time to read a Gmail novella, so do you really have time to write one?
5. texting buy from 13
Texting is efficient and precise in most cases when you can't be face-to-face. It's also an artform and a good texter is something to be admired and praised like a modern Matsuo Basho. Sure there's a lack of humanity and fat finger can be a serious drawback, but what fun would your daily Internet browse be without a hilarious autocorrect mistake?
carrier pigeon
Combining the precision of text messages with the excitement of living fowl, carrier pigeons are a truly underrated form of communication. The length of time between messages is shorter only than USPS and carrier pigeons give 'dropped call' a completely new and morbid meaning, but I believe this will be the next great form of hipster communication.
Brilliant and effective in many situations. Who wouldn't want to be able to communicate across a loud noisy bar or on a baseball diamond?
telephone call
I sincerely think that the telephone was a step backward from the telegraph. Any conversation with more "huh?"s and "can you hear me now?"s than actual content has to go. Oh yeah, and cell phones give you cancer.
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