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guard of honor
james gould cozzens - cozzens became immensely popular in the 1950s and was nominated for a second pulitzer for by love possessed. however his popularity waned in 1957 when he was branded as an elitist after being interviewed by time magazine. statements like “i can't read 10 pages of steinbeck without throwing up,” didn’t win him any friends. guard of honor takes place over three days in 1943 at a florida airbase featuring a new hapless commander.
allen drury - drury won the pulitzer with his first novel, advise and consent, and followed it with a number of sequels. saturday review said of advise and consent in august 1959 that “it may be a long time before a better (novel) comes along.” one year later, harper lee’s to kill a mockingbird was published. advise and consent is a political novel which explores the reaction to a former communist party member being appointed secretary of state.
martin flavin - through the 1920s and ‘30s, flavin was a broadway playwright with much influence. the most successful of his novels was journey in the dark, his fifth and last work of fiction. the book is a story of a boy who grew up in a poor family and his adventures in love and business.
josephine winslow johnson - johnson won the pulitzer with her first novel at the age of 24. she continued to win awards for some of her short stories but, after marrying in 1942, her literary output slowed considerably. now in november is written as a social protest in the voice of the second of three daughters growing up in an impoverished depression era farming family.
margaret wilson - margaret wilson moved to england with her husband g.d. turner almost immediately after publishing the able mclaughlins. she continued to write until 1937 as an expat. this neglected novel tells the story of wully mclaughlin coming home from the civil war to find his sweetheart pregnant with another man’s child.
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