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1. thai buy from 22
in food
so good
2. mexican buy from 22
in food
3. american buy from 15
in food
how can you beat a burger and fries?
4. italian buy from 11
in food
chewbacca noodles
use the fork, luke, use the fork!
drink looker
here's lookin at you kid
chewbacca burger
8. cajun buy from 10
in food
five guys
good options if they actually give you what you order
wookie cookies
Absolutely brilliant
13. pizza buy from 8
in food
yes, difficulty level: 10,990,000
14. greek buy from 8
in food
scared turkey
the naked turkey is scared of getting cooked
20. brazilian buy from 4
in food
21. cuban buy from 3
in food
23. irish buy from 2
in food
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