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dont you find it funny that after monday(m) and tuesday(t), the rest of the week says wtf?
very clever.
from ranqit comment
tejas bhavsar
malik neyazi
@jsringo - lol
shailesh shukla
is sick and tired of being sick and tired. =(
abhishek anand
@Amir Hamza
bunny sick
is mad her guidance counselor never told her she could be a pirate when she grew up
leigh ann
inderjeet hanzra
written by deathkrutcher
aslam cpy
very clever.
when people talk about right and left, they're not talking about right and wrong
kyle smee
from Carmen
there is add friend button on my profile,  kindly,  don't click it...
shahrukh shaikh
arman mann
aashish kaji
John Ruskin
Petronius from Quo Vadis
'Anyway, it's not new.' - William James
every man feel great. - G.K. Chesterton
jsb morse
plizzzzzz,! my money is an endagered species!!! i aint giving you none
mike church
inadequate ideal. - Richard Livingstone
From Becket (1966)
Thomas Edison
fooey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had to say one time!!
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