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1. water buy from 29
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2. hard cider buy from 17
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3. horchata buy from 15
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4. juice buy from 10
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5. mint julip buy from 10
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Just Frangelico. Nothing says Christmas more than a sweet, hazelnutty liqeur..
friar nog
1 part frangelico, 1 part egg nog,1 part milk, splash of vodka
11. cactus juice buy from 9
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cactus juice
Cucumber, pineapple, lime = yum
Watermelon, lemon, carrot = yum
Who ever heard of elderflower liqeur? But pretty soon it'll be whoever heard of the holidays without it!
14. wine buy from 8
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15. green tea buy from 8
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kinda tastes like a fuzzy white sweater, but good!
17. v-8 splash buy from 7
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19. apple cider buy from 7
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20. plantano buy from 6
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flaming rum punch
From "It's a Wonderful Life"
22. mojito buy from 4
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