Top 17 Dream Colleges
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2. hillsdale buy from 11
one of a kind and a brilliant liberal arts education
3. byu buy from 10
4. notre dame buy from 9
notre dame
Believe it or not there’s more to Notre Dame than Touchdown Jesus and Rudy. The campus is quite beautiful, and includes many interesting areas and buildings. The statue of the Virgin Mary can be seen blessing the Grotto, and was built in 1896 as a replica of the original in Lourdes, France. The 1250 acre campus is divided into the “Old Campus” area and new. Old Campus is now controlled by the two seminaries connected through the Catholic church, the Congregation of Holy Cross and current Basilica of the Sacred Heart. The Golden Dome sits atop the main building, and is the inspiration for the famous golden Notre Dame football helmets.
5. harvard buy from 9
6. stanford buy from 8
8. ubc buy from 7
9. princeton buy from 7
previously #1 for three consecutive years
11. yale buy from 6
12. ricks buy from 6
13. boise buy from 5
14. columbia buy from 5
15. brown buy from 4
16. cornell buy from 3
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