Top 5 Disney Parks' Craziest Staff Rules
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conservative eyeglasses
Most people don’t enjoy wearing eyeglasses. But if they’re trying to make a statement with their spectacles, they shouldn’t even try to get a job at Disney. The dress code clearly states that “the frames and lenses of both prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses should be a conservative color and style free from contrasting logos.” Which means that employees couldn’t wear the Disney themed glasses signed off on by the company even if they wanted to.
Most companies don’t care how long their employees’ fingernails are. Most companies aren’t Disney. Male staffers must have clean fingernails that don’t extend beyond the tip of the finger. Ladies, keep the nail polish neutral. Black, gold, silver, and multicolored polishes and decals on fingernails won’t fly. And keep a ruler around to make sure that those nails don’t grow beyond a quarter of an inch past the fingertip.
Hair is the only accessory that people wear every day. And Disney wants it clean, neatly combed, and “arranged in a classic, easy-to-maintain” style. For women, that means “conservative” braids are allowed only if there are no beads or ornamentation. “The Disney Look does not permit extremes in dyeing, bleaching or coloring,” the rules state. “If the hair color is changed, it must be natural looking and well-maintained.” The guidelines for dyeing hair are even more specific. Guys shouldn’t try to get around the rules by concealing their hair under a cap. And don’t even think about shaving those eyebrows.
Have a mustache and want to work for Disney? There are a few rules about that, too. Mustaches have to be fully grown in and well maintained, meaning that they don’t extend over the upper lip. Another regulation: the mustache has to extend to the corner of the employee’s mouth but can’t go beyond or below the corners.
Got a nose ring? Don’t bother applying for a job a Disney. The same goes for people with tongue piercings and split tongues. Ditto for earlobe spacers and disfiguring skin implants. For those with tattoos, all may not be lost. As long as they’re not visible, the bearer can still get a job frolicking with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Just make sure the tats can be discreetly and completely covered.
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