Top 10 Constitutional Amendments
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the most underestimated. it says that whatever isn't in the constitution, congress has no power to do. the tenth amendment will be vital in the coming fight for liberty
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the most fundamental- without it, congress would want to run rampant all over our speech, religion, and right to assemble. oh wait, they already do that
3. thirteenth buy from 8
abolishes slavery- duh!
4. fourth buy from 7
no gastapo here
5. second buy from 6
a revolution against tyrants would be pretty weak without it
6. seventh buy from 5
trial by jury
repeals prohibition. we need more repealing amendments!
8. ninth buy from 4
unenumerated rights of the people
9. third buy from 2
probably a good idea to prohibit forced quartering of soldiers
10. sixth buy from 2
speedy trial
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