Top 10 Companies To Work For 2012
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1. google buy from 10
the world's best search engine is stuck with an average at best logo. this unfortunate result is probably due to a rush to get the brilliant concept to market. another possibility is that it was designed by a programmer, which usually ends up looking like some of the 2s in our critique list. the name, google, is perfect for the concept, though the word was originally spelled googol. it is the word that represents the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. and the way they incorporated the pages of search results into the 'o's is genius, but the logo still suffers. the font is a basic palatino-esque font called catull, which has nothing altered to make it uniquely google. it's just the font. the simplicity matches the website style, but it doesn't say much for the designer. 3d effect is bad t
A perennial of the top five of our list, the global consultancy invests 100-plus hours and thousands of dollars to recruit each consultant- once hired, they earn an average of $139,000 a year.
Subsidized Montessori child care, unlimited sick time, intramural sports leagues, and a free health care center are just some of the perks at the software company's lushly landscaped campus.
The family-owned grocery chain has made employee health a religion: More than 2,000 workers have enrolled in a free smoking-cessation program since 2009- this year it opened a new 24/7 health hotline.
With some 11,000 offices across the country, the investment firm escaped the recession with nary a layoff. Says managing partner Jim Weddle: "It's a great time not to be a bank -- or to be owned by one."
6. netapp buy from 5
The data storage firm's pay-for-performance program triggered huge bonuses last year when revenues shot up from $3.9 billion to $5 billion. Employees received payouts of up to 31% of their salary.
This apartment-management firm, which manages properties that house 100,000 people in 13 states, is generous with employees -- last year it doled out surprise bonuses, from $100 to $5,000.
The adventure-gear ­retailer scaled new heights last year with its first Manhattan store. Outdoor-loving employees take advantage of sabbaticals, free equipment rentals, and hefty discounts on merchandise.
The staffing agency routinely acts on suggestions made by employees. This year it revamped its drug plan, built a gym at its Fort Lauderdale office, and made Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday a paid holiday.
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quicken loans
Employees of the online mortgage lender take immense pride in its move from the suburbs to downtown Detroit: "We're taking [the city] from its lowest point and bringing it back to the spotlight it deserves."
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