Top 5 Companies That Jerk You Around
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most dispicable account policies. just try to get your money back from them after depositing it!! too many fees. they hold your money during 'transfers' for months then blame you for not making the transaction soon enough. sick asswipes!
the customer service reps act like robots and are not helpful. this one today acted like she was doing me a favor when she was looking up my account, then i couldn't answer one of her ridiculous security questions (as if anyone else is going to break into my measly account) and she got testy and hung up on me. i called back and found out there was another way to get to my account the first girl wouldn't tell me about.
i've been experiencing the most ridiculous customer service stint in the history of mankind. i want to change my plan to prepaid from post-paid and the phone reps keep sending me to the store and the store reps keep telling me to call on the phone. online hasn't helped either. 5 days and 24 hours of customer service tennis- the problem still hasn't been fixed
it's bad enough that they give you some lame time slot that they'll come install your cable box, but then they pull some jerry-ass move by coming a half hour before (7:30 am on a saturday) and tell you you'll have to reschedule- lame
i tried to make a transaction and it was stopped because of a fraud alert- fine. i called and had them remove the alert- they said they did and i tried again. no go. i called back and asked them to take it off- they did and i asked that they wait on the line while i tried the transaction again- they hung up on me! tried again and finally it worked. jackers
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