Top 10 Cereal Characters
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1. toucan sam buy from 12
toucan sam
What a great spokesperson! Sam does it with class, every time with his pseudo British colonialist accent. Let's put aside the fact that he's shilling for a corrupt, artificial collection of round, brightly colored partially hydrogenated chunks, the spokesperson is great.
2. cap'n crunch buy from 10
cap'n crunch
yeah, this was supposed to be just for women logo characters, but you can't deny it- that cap'n crunch is one sexy mo fo.
lucky charms leprechaun
Let's face it, the Leprechaun is a little crazy. I mean, he's got his charms and he probably eats them daily (including the horseshoe). One fascinating aspect of this guy is his reverse psychology. He's trying to sell his food, by hiding it. Nice try buddy. We see through your little Irish BS.
tony the tiger
Kind of a pervert (I mean, put some clothes on right? The hankerchief doesn't cut it in civilization these days, Tone), but besides that, he's good. Not Greaaaaate, but good.
5. sugar bear buy from 6
sugar bear
Easily the coolest of all cereal characters. But to a fault. I mean, this reefer addict is so cool, it makes you wonder if there's weed in the cereal.
snap, crackle, pop
Are they really Keebler Elves gone wild? We'll never know. One thing we do know is that they make a fine breakfast cereal.
trix rabbit
Not sure why Trix wanted a spokesperson who kept trying to steal cereal—was it the reverse psychology of the Leprechaun? Was it the marketing technique of scarcity or popularity. One thing that's for sure, is that this rabbit is silly and that's a shame.
8. dig 'em buy from 3
dig 'em
Totally a racists ploy, but Dig 'Em does his job with dignity anyway.
cheerios honey bee
I get the connection between honey and bees and Honey Bee is friendly looking, but he's also got a stinger and that's simply not cool on a cereal box.
10. smurfs buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
Not sure about the cross-marketing here. Smurfs are great in their own realm, but on a box of cereal? Give me a box of smurfettes and we're talking.
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