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1. toyota buy from 10
in cars
reliable starts everytime
she's beautiful and her dress is unique and elegant- going for the art nouveau style almost
3. dodge charger buy from 10
in cars
strong quality and design
4. mazda 3 buy from 9
in cars
zippy, solid
famous primarily for being “that girl off the princess diaries” it’s important to know that she was most definitely 18 at the time of filming, so stare away. if you want, that is. hell, anything to avoid julie andrews. anything. in a similarly girly film role, hathaway also appeared in the oh-so-cutting exploration of fashion magazines, the devil wears prada. this is also well worth avoiding, as she doesn’t even get naked. for that, try havoc. you won’t regret it.
8. subaru buy from 8
in cars
9. honda buy from 8
in cars
10. honda prelude buy from 8
in cars
the lude
11. malibu buy from 7
in cars
needs to grow the hair out though
kinda 90s, but looking good
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