Top 15 Best Places To Watch Sunsets
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1. the moon buy from 10
the moon
just see it
while taking a bath
pretty much any spot along the cliffs- but away from any cars that are a rockin
while standing on the concrete wall jetty- and if you turn around you can see the seals!
beware of the nudies
many clear days
toward the top of the entrance where the cross is
then go inside and have some dessert! yum
exact location of this beach-not revealed...its a local secret :)
you can even see shamu pee from here!
13. shades in ob buy from 3
while having a beer and watching all the bums pass by.
14. torry pines buy from 2
ahhhh--serenity at last!
15. patio of la valenica hotel buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
pink hotels are always fun
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