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chile's puyehue volcano
in a scene no human could have witnessed, an apocalyptic agglommeration of lightning bolts illuminates an ash cloud above chile''s puyehue volcano (map) on sunday. the minutes-long exposure shows individual bolts as if they''d all occurred at the same moment and, due to the earth''s rotation, renders stars (left) as streaks. lightning to the right of the ash cloud appears to have illuminated nearby clouds—hence the apparent absence of stars on that side of the picture. after an ominous series of earthquakes saturday morning, the volcano erupted that afternoon, convincing authorities to evacuate some 3,500 area residents. eruptions over the course of the weekend resulted in heavy ashfalls, including in argentine towns 60 miles (a hundred kilometers) away.
shark swimming in concrete pillar
average women's faces from around the world
lake hillier, australia
a polyphemus moth rests in a human skull
a flock of flamingoes makes one big flamingo
light pillars over moscow
reflective salt flats in bolivia
fireworks, a comet, and a lightning strike, all in one frame
praying mantis takes on a bird
shimmering shores of vaadhoo, maldives
frozen air bubbles in abraham lake
snowboarder tyler chorlton pulls off the highest of fives
a sloth photobombs a group of students in costa rica
a statue of buddha captures a commercial airliner by its tail
a great white shark becomes airborne in cape town, south africa
17. six lightning strikes captured at once on lake michigan buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
six lightning strikes captured at once on lake michigan
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