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1. abbey road buy from 14
abbey road
the beatles
dark side of the moon
pink floyd
3. contra buy from 11
Vampire Weekend
riot on an empty street
Kings of Convenience
age of the understatement
the last shadow puppets
the big pink
tubular bells
mike oldfield. simple but instantly recognisable
sgt pepper's lonely hearts club band
the beatles. their most iconic cover
9. on'n'on buy from 9
good god's urge
porno for pyros
unknown pleasures
joy division. probably peter saville's best album cover
12. roxy music buy from 7
13. odelay buy from 6
jimi hendrix
15. blue lines buy from 6
blue lines
massive attack. reflects the cut+paste style of sampling
the velvet underground & nico
velvet underground. warhol's famous peelable banana
17. revolver buy from 5
the beatles
18. island life buy from 4
grace jones. redefined how women could look on record sleeves
19. aladdin sane buy from 3
david bowie. his most celebrated incarnation
the freewheelin'
bob dylan
led zeppelin
22. nevermind buy from 2
nirvana. metaphor for corruption done in a memorable way
23. rumours buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
fleetwood mac
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