Top 14 2012 Presidential Candidates
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1. ron paul buy from 46
ron paul
not the best spokesperson, but sound ideology
2. barack obama buy from 28
barack obama
rapidly becoming the worst president ever. astounding deficits to pay for shocking bailouts for broken, corrupt companies. disregarding moral foundations about stem cells. threatening to take away free speech (on the radio). the only thing he's done right is start the withdrawal from iraq- don't even know if that was his idea
michele bachmann
chris christie
5. jim demint buy from 16
jim demint
a bit partisan, but has great ideas
6. rick perry buy from 15
rick perry
the US should secceed!
7. herman cain buy from 13
herman cain
8. jon huntsman buy from 11
9. sarah palin buy from 10
sarah palin
10. mitt romney buy from 10
mitt romney
Socialist Lite
newt gingrich
So good in debates
the huckster sure can elicit emotion.
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