Top 7 2011 Si Swimsuit Models
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1. anne v buy from 11
anne v
if you weren’t one of the many guys who voted for irina shayk, then she may be a relatively unfamiliar name to you. it might even prove to be pretty troublesome for some to pronounce (‘eye-reen-ah shy-eek’ is basically what you’re after, pronunciation fans). but don’t worry too much about that, because what you really need to know is this: the 25-year-old russian – who’s currently keeping cristiano ronaldo occupied when he isn’t either diving or shooting from 45 yards – has been photographed a lot whilst traipsing around in just a bikini in the past year. and that generally leads to good things. like being your second-highest new entry in this year’s countdown. and thinking about her not wearing very much. very often.
julie henderson
my goodness
this year’s highest new entry, brooklyn decker, is an ohio-born model who has been gradually making a successful transition to films over the past year. having pretty emphatically conquered the modelling world by appearing on the cover of the sports illustrated swimsuit issue, mrs andy roddick starred in comedy just go with it and has just finished filming battleship, which is out next year.
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