About Us

At Campbell Networks, we want to bring you face-to-face with other San Diegans who share similar interests and goals.

Our Mission

We aim to:

  • Facilitate face-to-face interaction amongst people with common interests
  • Expose members to new activity-based groups
  • Help members succeed in accomplishing their goals
  • Help new groups blossom and become more focused
  • Develop an infrastructure that can aid joint efforts

Our History

In 2002, John Campbell – a long-time San Diego resident – moved downtown and began to run into others interested in meeting up and exploring the rapidly changing metro area. John initiated a casual, monthly happy hour for downtown San Diego residents and professionals to interact and experience a variety of downtown venues. As attendance swelled, John was approached by numerous groups who were eager to build their membership and join their networks to his. In response, he created a web portal where these groups could share resources such as email platforms, a community calendar, photo galleries, and relationships with local vendors as well as updates on San Diego events.

Up to 2010, Campbell Networks was a sideline for John – managed in his spare time, with no revenue or staff, and no publicity whatsoever. In January 2010, John and his sister, Christie Haigh, made Campbell Networks a formal business.

Campbell Networks now aims to be the single-source San Diego portal for event-based groups and their members. In addition, we hope to create a hub where San Diego leaders can connect with the next generation of potential leaders as well as other active citizens.

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