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1. trees changing color trees changing color
You can't beat the colors in the trees during the fall. If you're in the midwest or the East, there's nothing like it. It may be cloudy or rainy in the sky, but the yellow or orange canopy above is constantly sunny (at least for a couple weeks)
2. thanksgiving thanksgiving
Best. Holiday. Ever.
3. apple pumpkin candy corn apple pumpkin candy corn
How good is all the autumnal seasonal foods (natural and unnatural)? Sure you can get apple cider any time of the year now, but it's perfect in the fall. And look out for that pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks!
4. football football
How about walking toward the stadium and hearing the drum line tearing fear into the hearts of the opponents on a crisp autumn Saturday? Can't get better than that!
5. oktoberfest oktoberfest
Yes, the fall is a great time for festivals--cool enough after the summer's heat and not yet cold- it's perfect for Greek fest, Italian fest, Portugese fest, and yes, beer fest!
6. indian summer indian summer
Sure, most people love the repreive of the weather-cooler nights after a hot summer, but how great is that last ditch effort by Al Gore to warm up the place before it gets cold enough to freeze snot?
7. clothes clothes
I have to admit it, girls look hot in their fashionable scarves and jackets and boots.
8. halloween halloween
What a fun time for kids and all those young adults who haven't grown up yet.
9. comfort food comfort food
Yes, when the temperatures start to dip, that's when comfort food starts to taste extraordinarily yummy.
10. romance in the air romance in the air
I don't think there's a more romantic season.
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