Top 10 Iphone Apps We'd Love To See
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1. trillian buy from 10
the lack of instant messaging on the iphone has been perplexing since day 1. let’s not just have ichat, though—let’s get a full featured, fully multiprotocol im client that handles all the major im networks. trillian already has their web-based astra client available on the iphone, so they’d be a go
2. flash buy from 9
the iphone’s safari browser has a huge hole in it. when you navigate to many web pages, you see blank boxes where all the flash should go. flash video, flash animation, and flash games are all over the web, and the iphone can’t hit any of it. adobe needs to get moving immediately and produce a flash
for the iphone to get anywhere at all in the business world, it needs true exchange support. how about full outlook integration, with over-the-air synchronization of contacts, calendar, tasks and notes, and html e-mail? we can dream, right?
actually, we’re pretty sure this one is coming. dataviz’ documents to go is the best microsoft office document reading and editing program anywhere. they’ve written versions for most other handheld platforms, and they’ve said they’re interested in the iphone, too. this would greatly improve the ipho
5. skype buy from 6
here we get controversial. wireless carriers (read: at&-amp-amp-t) hate voice-over-ip programs. but it would be crystal clear that apple is on consumers’ sides and “thinks different” if they were to bless a skype client for the iphone.
8. mame buy from 3
10. a bluetooth keyboard driver buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
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