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solid usability and good integration on their regular website
i think fantasy football is about the only thing that anyone uses yahoo for anymore. and there's a good reason- their product is better than any other ffb on the market. the iphone app is no exception.
getting sexy on the iphone.
they still need to work out some features, but this app is great for those who want to maintain their audiobooks in one place. good for people with different accounts and lots of books.
8. bump buy from 6
in iphone apps
the future of business cards is here with bump. just fist-bump someone holding your iphones and exchange all the information you could ever hope to have or give out.
9. skype buy from 5
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here we get controversial. wireless carriers (read: at&-amp-amp-t) hate voice-over-ip programs. but it would be crystal clear that apple is on consumers’ sides and “thinks different” if they were to bless a skype client for the iphone.
usability isn't great, but it's a helpful tool for all those tweeters
11. youtube buy from 3
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since apple is lame and won't support flash, this iphone app is quintessential for video viewing.
12. kindle buy from 2
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read all your kindle content on your iphone or ipod touch. no need for the outdated kindle machine.
13. calculator buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
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what can i say? simply marvelous.
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