Top 24 Fat Girl Stripper Names
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1. kristy kreme buy from 15
kristy kreme
She loves her doughnuts
3. chupabarbara buy from 13
the notorious p.i.g.
jabba the slut
6. barbie q buy from 12
7. thicky minaj buy from 12
11. full moon buy from 9
12. thick minaj buy from 8
13. beyonce buy from 7
thanks to kanye, we all know that beyonce had one of the greatest music videos of all time. but why did she make this list? because she’s hot, she’s talented, and she did have a pretty amazing video. i mean, watching beyonce dance provocatively for 3 and half minutes wearing a skin tight leotard definitely isn’t a waste of my time.
19. fatty perry buy from 4
20. free willie buy from 4
21. stretch mark buy from 4
22. burger queen buy from 3
24. rolls royace buy from 2
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