Top 13 Erudite Insults
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1. lickspittle buy from 10
a fawning subordinate- a suck-up
2. quisling buy from 10
3. exudate buy from 10
Exudate is the term for the nasty white pus-like substance that develops on the tonsils as an indication that one is sick. Calling someone a disgusting pile of exudate could be the worst insult possible.
4. succubus buy from 9
prostituting demon
5. cockalorum buy from 9
a boastful and self-important person- a strutting little fellow
an excessively faultfinding person
an unprincipled but shrewd person
8. mumpsimus buy from 7
a stubborn person who insists on making an error in spite of being shown that it is wrong
ninny- simpleton, fool
10. milksop buy from 4
an unmanly man- a mollycoddle (a pampered or effeminate boy or man)
11. hobbledehoy buy from 3
an awkward, gawky young man
12. pettifogger buy from 2
shyster- a lawyer whose methods are underhanded or disreputable
13. mooncalf buy from 2
a foolish or absentminded person
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