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exactly what the title sounds like
hyperbole and a half
really funny cartoons with really bad drawings. hilarious commentary
shelly roche's commentary
4. fail blog buy from 8
not very positive, but very hilarious
you know it's time
6. lifehacker buy from 8
when lifehacker debuted in early 2005, a blog dedicated to tips and downloads for getting things done seemed an inconsequential addition to the blogosphere. but times have changed; these days, lifehacker reads like nothing less than a survival guide to the great recession. lifehacker is a 'hints from heloise' for the digital age; it's all about doing more with what you already have. there are tips on brewing the best possible coffee without spending more money, making simple low-cost crock pot dinners, and improving your resume by eliminating over-used phrases (ditch 'team player' and 'detail oriented').
ournalist josh marshall began publishing talking points memo in november 2000, during the florida recount. more than eight years later, the winner of the recount is clearing brush in texas, while talking points has become the prototype of what a successful web-based news organization is likely to be in the future. last february, marshall's blog won a george polk award for its coverage of the firing of eight united states attorneys, the first blog ever to win a major journalism award. talking points makes good use of crowdsourcing, soliciting news tips from readers and even giving them assignments to sift through government documents. the biggest difference between talking points and most traditional news organizations is that marshall assumes some of his readers might actually know more t
when it comes to political blogs, the huffington post is in a class by itself. co-founded by socialite and aspiring talking head arianna huffington in 2005 as a kind of online salon, huffpo quickly established itself as a serious go-to destination for political news and commentary.
9. metafilter buy from 7
this is the community weblog that gives crowdsourcing a good name. every day, mefi (as it's known to fans) posts a dozen or so detailed items (with copious links) on subjects that users thought interesting enough to share with the rest of the class. the result is a ludicrously diverse encyclopedia of surprisingly useful and shockingly useless knowledge — the latest findings on string theory and evolutionary biology share space with fond remembrances of the tv show charlie's angels and rumors of a new spinal tap album.
if the election of barack obama truly signals a 'post-partisan' america, then andrew sullivan should be appointed the country's blogger-in-chief. sullivan was defying political labels long before it became fashionable. he describes himself as being 'of no party or clique,' and his blog — reliably conservative on military matters and the role of government, aggressively liberal when it comes to gay marriage and the legalization of soft drugs — is daily proof of his stance. in a blogosphere choking on its own partisan entrees, the daily dish is a welcome meal that's good for you.
12. freakonomics buy from 5
ever since they published their best-selling book freakonomics in 2005, journalist stephen dubner and economics professor steven levitt have been telling anyone who'll listen that much of daily life can be explained by economic theory. one massive economic downturn later, it's time to say: okay, we get it. the freakonomics blog, part of the new york times blog stable, has taken on added importance in an era when everyone's life is being buffeted by economic storms.
13. boingboing buy from 4
boingboing is a blog written by geeks. but we mean geeks in the best sense of the term — the smart, eternally curious seekers of information, not the smug know-it-alls with questionable personal hygiene. the self-described 'directory of wonderful things' is compiled by four regular bloggers and a revolving corps of guest geeks who present the bleeding edge of technology and fringe culture. boingboing is equally adept at uncovering can-you-believe-this photos ('carved watermelon resembles human mouth!') as it is rallying readers to demand greater digital freedoms.
14. got2begreen buy from 3
the momentum of the green movement has been slowed by everyone's preoccupation with the economic downturn, which is a shame, since green done right can help save the other kind of green. got2begreen is a blog devoted to highlighting ideas and products that are friendly not only to the planet but to your budget. for instance, did you know that the economic stimulus package includes dozens of tax credits for energy efficient products, everything from a $150 credit for a new furnace or boiler to $2,000 for a ground source heat pump?
15. zen habits buy from 2
zen habits is a blog that offers simple ways to be more productive, written by leo babauta, who lives his own zen-like existence on guam as a writer and father of six kids. the blog features one article a day on topics such as personal productivity, organization, living frugally, eliminating debt, and cultivating good habits. with zen habits, practice makes perfect, and the blog excels at offering specific strategies to improve and simplify your life (16 ways to get motivated when you're in a slump, 20 ways to eliminate stress from your life, 30 simple family pleasures.) this is the rare blog that can actually improve your everyday life.
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