Top 10 Annoying Commercials
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1. spotify buy from 17
listen to the online music application long enough and you'll get absolutely sick of the redundant Spotify ads they use to fill space because they don't have real advertisers. The same cheesy music and the same too-cool normal people voices telling me how Spotify is the best thing ever. Then you have utter contradictions: "Why should you pay for Spotify premium? Because you won't have to buy music ever again." Yeah, except that I would be buying music every month through Spotify Premium. ???
the home depot
Unimportant content given by an annoying Baby Boomer voice over creepy smooth jazz
3. lowes buy from 10
very few people want to know how much you're selling fertilizer for this week. I'm not one of them.
no, not everyone here is talking or singing about your insignificant "pretty cool" grocery magnificence. Stop trying to be cool and maybe you'll speak to your target market
stupid 40s-style radio program ads with irritating 'flo' and background singers saying awkward things
6. att mucho buy from 9
att mucho
I know, let's have the most annoying voice possible yell at me in a language I can't really understand for 30 seconds. Better yet, let's go to the dentist and have him pull all of my teeth out and hit me with a baseball bat.
toyota tire days
I know the guy is trying to sound tough, but he really just sounds like he's trying to squeeze one out during the commercial. It's not something that you want to hear when you're not in the market for tires and/or the sounds of constipation don't appeal to you.
8. coke zero buy from 8
coke zero
stupid baby boomers hitting each other and drooling over a drink. also has a dumb-guy jingle at the end.
9. audible buy from 7
they still need to work out some features, but this app is great for those who want to maintain their audiobooks in one place. good for people with different accounts and lots of books.
10. taco cabana buy from 7
taco cabana
With so ostensibly hot latina looking at me accusatorially and spouting high-pitched and very nasally food specials, it's really annoying.
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