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piranha n 1: someone who attacks in search of booty [syn: {marauder}, {predator}, {vulture}] 2: small voraciously carnivorous freshwater fishes of South America that attack and destroy living animals [syn: {pirana}, {caribe}]

"While the threat this little teeth-with-gills poses to humans has been rather blown up in films – including its own self-titled horror B movie – the Piranha has a set of jaws to make any dentist nod with nervous approval. Its rows of razor-sharp gnashers are tightly packed and interlock with each other, teeth perfectly designed for the rapid piercing and shearing of meat – for which the Piranha has a rapacious appetite, as if you needed to know. The Piranha is also aggressive to its own kind and can become cannibalistic if underfed."
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