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Hobbledehoy \Hob"ble*de*hoy`\, Hobbletehoy \Hob"ble*te*hoy`\, n. [Written also {hobbetyhoy}, {hobbarddehoy}, {hobbedehoy}, {hobdehoy}.] [ Cf. Prob. E. hobbledygee with a limping movement; also F. hobereau, a country squire, E. hobby, and OF. hoi to-day; perh. the orig. sense was, an upstart of to-day.] A youth between boy and man; an awkward, gawky young fellow . [Colloq.] [1913 Webster] All the men, boys, and hobbledehoys attached to the farm. --Dickens. . [1913 Webster]

"an awkward, gawky young man"
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