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1. the incredibles
The best film of the year was funny, action packed, and packed a hefty message. Perhaps not the most unique Pixar film, the perfection of plot makes it the best.
2. ratatouille
Original almost to a fault, this clever story and brilliant animation make the important message behind it easily digestible ;)
3. toy story toy story
The one that started it all, TS set the bar for all the subsequent films. Brilliant.
4. monsters inc. monsters inc.
Relentlessly entertaining.
5. wall-e
Daring and moving with an important message. Quintessential Pixar.
6. up
A little stretch with the plot makes this otherwise moving and entertaining film fail in Pixar perfection.
7. a bug's life
Compelling and entertaining.
8. toy story 3
Quality sequels are unheard of in Hollywood; Pixar makes them so that you don't even think of them as a sequel.
9. inside out
Another film pushing the envelope.
10. finding nemo finding nemo
Smart and groundbreaking.
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