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1. flagger ahead flagger ahead
a sign to warn us that a person warning us is ahead. Redundant much?
2. slow trucks slow trucks
yeah, which is more effective at telling me that there are slow trucks on the road, a sign or a big friggin slow truck?
3. slow children at play slow children at play
stop calling my children slow! They're 'special'
4. kangaroos humping kangaroos humping
no comment
5. prohibido prohibido
I actually saw a real-life representation of this sign. I couldn't stop laughing.
6. beware of road surprises beware of road surprises
an impossibility
7. left turn keep right left turn keep right
come on now
8. this sign has sharp edges this sign has sharp edges
this is probably fake, but hilarious anyway.
9. don't go anywhere don't go anywhere
10. make left make left
your other left
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