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1. ron paul
Perhaps no one has done more to bring the libertarian platform into the national spotlight than Ron Paul, the former United States Representative from Texas and three-time presidential candidate. He has also authored several books of libertarian philosophy on economics, education, foreign policy, and freedom.
2. rand paul
The Republican Kentucky junior senator and son of Ron Paul has been credited with bringing libertarianism into the mainstream by advancing the movement’s torch lit by his father. He has been one of the loudest voices against government overreach in Washington, particularly on issues of revenue, privacy, and justice.
3. john stossel
The longtime network and cable newsman has unpacked emerging stories with a libertarian viewpoint on his way to 19 Emmy awards and several best-selling books. Stossel is also a syndicated columnist and, as of this year, a contributor to the Reason Foundation and ReasonTV.
4. thomas sowell
The Hoover Institution’s Rose and Milton Friedman Senior Fellow on Public Policy at Stanford University is a writer of distinction having authored nearly three dozen books on economics, social policy, and race, and his works have been collected in several others. Sowell is a National Humanities Medal winner for his libertarian-conservative writings and a longtime syndicated columnist, until his column was retired last year.
5. judge andrew napolitano
A former private-practice lawyer, law professor, and youngest-ever life-tenured New Jersey Superior Court judge, Napolitano has been Fox News’ senior judicial analyst since 1998 and is a best-selling author.
6. john mackey
As the CEO of Whole Foods Market, Mackey has been a powerful advocate of “conscious capitalism” (the title of his book) and an outspoken opponent of government overregulation, even when his statements created friction among his customer base.
7. peter thiel
The billionaire Silicon Valley venture capitalist credits libertarian ideals behind all his investments and philanthropy, such as co-founding PayPal (creating a non-state currency), Facebook (developing non-state communities), and The Seasteading Institute (creating autonomous floating cities).
8. larry elder
Known as the “Sage of South Central,” Elder hosts a nationally syndicated radio show where he tackles the events of the day from a “small l” libertarian perspective. The erstwhile lawyer has authored several nonfiction books and produced award-winning television.
9. justin amash
The Michigan Republican in the U.S. House has campaigned under the slogan “Empowering People, Not Government” and chairs the House Liberty Caucus. He is one of the most vocal civil libertarian in Congress.
10. jeffrey a. tucker
A longtime vice president of the Mises Institute, Tucker now is director of digital content at the Foundation for Economic Education as well as a contributing member of other illustrious libertarian think tanks: Acton Institute, Heartland Institute, and Mises Brazil. Tucker is also the founder of, a forum and social network for likeminded individuals.
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