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1. obama gaffe-a-day calendar obama gaffe-a-day calendar
You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll stand up and cheer . . . but most of all, "From Bailouts to Beer Summits" will make you yearn for Election Day 2012! It's the hilarious new daily desktop calendar that skewers Barack Obama and his wacky team in the best way possible: by using their own words! This calendar has it all, from Obama's failed Stimulus to his golf addiction . . . from his snubbing of the Boy Scouts to his grand plan to spread your wealth around! Each day "From Bailouts to Beer Summits" will greet you with a hilarious yet concise reminder of what happens when voters thrust an inexperienced but arrogant community organizer into the most important job in the world. The communist who Obama chose to be Green Jobs Czar? He's in this calendar. Cash for Clunkers
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